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5 benefits of Using Natural Shampoo Bars

Natural Ingredients
Did you know that most of the liquid soaps we use every day often contain synthetic detergents to create foam and bubbles? Unlike liquid soaps, natural shampoo bars are made of natural ingredients such as plant oil, essential oil and coconut oil.

5 Reasons Why You Should Soak in a Hot Bath


It is commonly mistaken that soaking in cold water is the best way to get rid of heat, but it is never cold enough to cool you off. However, it is proven by researchers and exercise professionals that taking hot baths has medical benefits. Here are the 5 reasons you should draw a bath tonight.


How A Bitter Orange Sweeten Your Day

Petitgrain is an essential oil extract from the leaves and green twigs of bitter orange tree with the method of distillation. Originally from Southern China and was brought to Paraguay in the 19th century. And now most of the Petitgrain in the market is the product of Italy and Paraguay...

How To Bath The Right Way


Warm baths - 90-95F or 32-35C - open the pores and encourage sweating, which helps to release toxins. They are good for mild detoxing and slight colds. Warm baths can also help lower blood sugar levels, relieve painful joints and muscles, and help to keep your bowels ...

5 Wonders of Goat Milk Soap

3 years ago, I was introduced to the Goat Milk Soap due to my sensitive skin problems. As soon as I tried it out, my skin immediately felt relieved! So I did some research on this ingredient and was amazed by its great benefits, especially for the sensitive skin!  Goat milk soap ...

5 Reasons You Should Start Using Shampoo Bar Now

Shampoo bars have gained some attention lately, as we seek more natural personal hygiene and beauty products, but they’re still only a very small segment of the hair care market. That’s a shame, since there are so many benefits to switching from liquid shampoo ...

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